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Find out more about the cast of Trannywolf here.

Kiki / Keke

The titular trannywolf and protagonist of the comic. This double identity wolf has the peculiar ability of instant sex change after a freak lab accident.
Keke/Kiki is commonly playful and somewhat absentminded, and while not being the absolute brightest fellow (though, not dumb), s/he makes up for it in creative cleverness.
Keke/Kiki has a great attraction for all things pretty and generally good looking, which s/he tries to mirror in his/her looks. Keke/Kiki always wants to look cute and pretty, which can easily lead to him/her being somewhat superficial from time to time. Another problem Keke/Kiki faces every now and then is his/her weakness of being easily manipulated and tendency to fall for temptations.


The protagonist's older sister. Ylva lives together with Keke/Kiki, and is generally the more adult and responsible one of the two.
She is possibly the nicest and most caring one of the bunch, but can come across as negative, mean and sarcastic from time to time. This is mostly just her being more reasonable than Keke/Kiki, seeing as she is also the most levelheaded one in the gang.
Ylva is more well mannered and socially adept than Keke/Kiki, and is mostly smarter and shows more common sense, though this often separates her from the other characters since she can come across as a killjoy.
Regardless of their differences, Ylva and her sibling still get along quite well, and are mostly good friends, despite their occasional feuds.

(Ylva is a Scandinavian name, which means wolf.)


Being a giraffe, Twiga is the tallest guy around. Naturally, he's an observer, so it doesn't come as a shock that he's a movie buff. Twiga may look bored or annoyed, but that's mostly just him trying to keep a cool and low profile, which isn't the easiest thing when you're a giraffe. Inside he's just as fun loving as Keke/Kiki, he just doesn't show it as much.
Twiga's biggest weakness is his tendency to not talk that much, even when it would make sense to speak up. He never asked how Keke changes to Kiki until long after they met, for example.

(Twiga is Swahili for giraffe.)


This panda is a second generation Chinese immigrant, whose dad is a restaurant owner. Despite not being ethnically Swedish, Lao is still born and raised there, having no problem with the language or the culture.
Lao has a fine taste for all kinds of edibles, and a small talent for cooking, though his constant hunger means that he eats a lot. The result of this is that he isn't as fit as the others, and also has a tendency to be a bit lazy. He makes up for this in wit, being the person who mostly says the right thing at the right time.
His inactive behavior can make him seem sort of disinterested, and at times that is also a correct observation. It usually takes someone energetic, like Keke/Kiki, to get Lao up and running.


Lunaville's local mad scientist, and the ape who made Keke/Kiki's gender swapping ability possible.
Doc is quite a brilliant inventor, having made all sorts of things, like a weight changer, or a sound muter, or the infamous Fridgemirror. His inventions rarely comes to their intended use, and in other cases they end up being playthings for the protagonists.
The money from whatever works and gets patented ends up funding his project of creating a functioning time machine.
While he's still a friend of Keke/Kiki and company, Doc rarely hangs out with them, probably because of the generation gap.